The Hotterdog Dog Anxiety Suit is made from the T-shirting (98% cotton and 2% elastane) for dogs with debilitating rashes and grass allergy conditions, hair loss in the summer and keeping dressings covered in awkward places. Also great as a Dog Cooling or Thunder Top.


Product Features:

  • Canine behaviourists recommend it as a "protective hug" having proved it to be a miracle cure for many dogs with nervous tendancies to calm and de-stress a dog when anxiety strikes - for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays.
  • It is really easy to fit and remove and will not misshape with use and age.
  • It covers as much of the dog as possible (without interfering with bodily functions) with a small collar and long sleeves.
  • Another use of the Hotterdog Suit is as a light weight cooling top. If you soak in cool water before wearing, the suit is highly effective in helping to keep your dog cool, taking quite some time to fully dry while the evaporating water lowers the dog’s body temperature – great for hot days.
  • The Suit is soft, comfortable, easy to fit and remove and will not misshape with use and age.
  • The Dog Anxiety Suit comes in 6 sizes and in 3 colours: black, camo green and grey

Hotterdog Dog Anxiety Suit (M)

Colour: Black
  • Collar to Tail Chest Neck Size
    28–34cm (11–14") 33–40cm (13–16") 22–27cm (9–11") XS
    35–44cm (14–18") 43–52cm (17–20") 30–35cm (12–14") S
    45–55cm (18–22") 55–64cm (22–25") 36–42cm (14–16") M
    56–66cm (22–26") 67–76cm (26–30") 43–49cm (17–19") L
    66–76cm (26–30") 78–87cm (31–34") 49–55cm (19–22") XL